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Before you start on your profile: Ask yourself who do you want to reach?

6a5ee29d-21cb-496a-bdd2-92d61540c61a_mediumBEFORE you begin building your profile, you will need to have a very clear understanding of who you are targeting.

This is a key exercise as it will greatly help your in constructing your profile while keeping aligned with the key objectives you are wanting to communicate to and engage with.

TargetingExplore the answers to the following questions in the quiz below – you will be able to download your answers at the end of the exercise.

This is the largest step in creating your profile  – so be prepared to take at least one hour on the questions!

Don’t be tempted to skip this step; any time you invest now will save you time in the future and help ensure that you are closer to the success you are seeking.



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I'm a Value Proposition and value creation expert, co-author of "Creating & Delivering Your Value Proposition", Associate Editor at Journal of Creating Value, and member of the Board of Directors at Customer Value Creation International.
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