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Before you start on your profile: Switch off profile notifications



BEFORE you even begin building your profile, switch off your notifications.

In fact, any time you are editing your profile, switch them off.

Why? Because – were you to keep them on – any connections you might have will be saved from being potentially bombarded with every tweak and edit you make.

And then, once done, you can turn your notifications back on, and your connections will be updated only the once that you have been working on your profile.

To switch off your notifications, click on the small thumbnail of your profile photograph at the right-hand side of the main toolbar (this will show a grey avatar if you have yet to upload a photo to your profile).

This will then open up the main menu, where you control all privacy and notifications settings.

Profile Notifications 1








Profile notifications2











Here is another way to control your profile notification settings…

On the homepage, click on Profile.

You can now use the control panel in the sidebar to change your profile notification settings.

Profile notifications3
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