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Enter the exciting new world of co-creation:

Imagine an all-stakeholder platform where participants talk, learn, engage in tasks and experiment within a safe, ongoing environment:

  • Relational intelligence (RI) gained from on-going conversation and observation (the ’emerging present’) surfaces co-creative ideas and builds agency with all stakeholders
  • This is not predictive analytics but, rather, an environment enabled by interactions
  • RI looks at the emerging present, helping you define where to nudge towards a better state
  • It’s the perfect system for optimising innovation, sales success, R&D and more
  • Identify exaptations (re-purposing by customers that creates new value) through on-going, open, unstressed interactions

The future starts here

Digital connectivity enables ongoing communications in real time between all stakeholders, including customers. It’s a dramatic and hugely valuable capability … when organised and used appropriately and well.

For years companies have talked about customer centricity, usually referring to a ‘target customer’ approach. Now, for the first time, we can address customer centricity in its true sense – organising with and around customers.

Co-create, then, offers you a Relational Intelligence service that identifies hitherto hidden value possibilities and great ROI. It brings the most advanced techniques to optimise your stakeholder inter-relationships. It designs, implements and operates Relationship solutions bespoke for your enterprise in close collaboration with you. Most of all, it gives you a Customer-Supplier capability that belongs truly to the 21st century, using ongoing interactions to benefit and enable your company and its people in a way impossible to imagine in even the near-distant past.

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